August 26, 2014
This is to let you know how happy  I am with my new Daikin Air Conditioner.  It looks very handsome and performs beautifully.

I was totally amazed at how efficiently and diligently James and Jake managed what to me was a gargantuan business of taking out the old system and installing the new pipes and connections.  There was a lot of heavy lifting involved and lining up the exact position of the equipment in the lounge with the stuff in the kitchen behind the stove.  I’m sure it was difficult but they kept plugging away not stopping for a moment doing without smoko, or lunch.  Most folk who do jobs for me stop at least for a cuppa.  However, they were anxious and determined to do a great job and I marveled that it all got finished on the one day.  It is very inspiring to observe people like James and Jake so dedicated to their work.

Also, David, thanks to you for coming and assessing my situation so well that enabled you to convey to them what equipment and tools to bring to do such an adequate job.  And,thank too, to Terry and Tanya for being so intelligent and pleasant when I phoned.

Lots of good wishes and, if you ever need a recommendation, I’m up for that.

Well done David and the team.